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August 31st - September 14th 2019

With not a great deal of fishing fun this Summer, I was really looking forward to a couple of weeks in France this September with Maggie.
It all began to unravel three days into our trip when Maggie slipped and broke her ankle in two places! I was ready to pack and return home, but Maggie is made of “stronger stuff” and insisted we stay. She’s a great person my wife! So I got to fish anyway! Short sessions of two or three hours, interspersed with breaks each day, and the fish came out to play a few times I’m glad to say, strangely a lot more commons than mirrors which is unusual at Hirondelle. With Maggie out of action Glen became my official photographer, and did rather well!
Our hosts Linda and Glen were great throughout our stay, and helped us survive, including hospital visits, cups of tea, dog sitting and meals. (Etang Hirondelle, is a great place for a holiday!)