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July 6th - July 20th 2019

Despite a passport expiry the day before our holiday we arrived 4 days late!! Very Excited!

We have had an amazing time as always! Lots of wildlife, Red Squirrels, Kind fishers, Wag tails feeding their young, hedgehogs and a deer drinking from the Lake!

Weather has been “HOT” but we persevered !

We used The House Pellet and House Maize, Live System CC Moore – Boiles & Barrells, Live System CC Moore XXX, Dairy boilies, sweetcorn.


Fish Caught different times of the day, no set pattern.


Sturgeon 23lbs, Crucian 3lbs, Biggest Common Carp 22lbs 12ozs, Biggest Mirror 37lbs 4ozs.



Sturgeon 23lbs Biggest Mirror 39lbs 9ozs, Biggest Common Carp 21lbs 8ozs


Lovely to see Coco & the donkeys.

Thank you Glen & Linda, see you again next July!