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March 30th - April 06th 2019

The Dean Family

So last week was an Amazing trip to Etang Hirondelle. We managed to get 76 hours fishing inbetween a great family get away. And for the time fishing I think we managed a good haul. Stacey got in first, with her target fish, being a Sturgeon weighing in at 23lb 8oz, she also managed 1 other fish over the session which was a nice Original Common weighing in at 20lb 7oz. Me I caught a new PB weighing in at 39lb 12oz backed up by 3 other mirrors weighing 34lb 13oz, 26lb 12oz and 10lb 7oz. Also I managed 5 Original Commons weighing in at 23lb 3oz, 22lb 13oz, 21lb 15oz, 19lb 7oz and 11lb 8oz. All rods were running an inline set up with either a Ronnie Rig, made with the Viper Tackle Ronnie Rig Kit or a Multi Rig made with Viper Tackle bits. We managed to catch all our fish on Madbaits. Addiction Snowmen doing the most damage, but also caught on Pear Drops, Strawberry Whites, Pineapple Esta, Banana Nutz and the ever faithful Wicked Whites.

Looking forward to our return visit in October !