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September 28th - October 5th 2019

The end of another fantastic week has come around way too quick again!  Thank goodness we’ve already booked our week in 2020, and two weeks in 2021 !!

The week saw Rick catch his personal best of 50 lbs 8 oz mirror, as well as many other catches ranging between 20-45 lbs.  Which included three sturgeons up to 29.5 lbs. Two fish he caught that we’d not seen ourselves before, were a beautiful orange 24 lbs 12 oz mirror and a stunning silver common (30 lbs 2 oz).  Also, this year rick had a go at fishing for the quality roach, catching numerous fish up to the half pound mark. 

We visited a local farmers market this year which opened our eyes to the farming world as we got the opportunity to watch chicks hatching,  as well as a calf being born. Most definitely a visit that should not be missed if you get a chance.

We opted again for the meals on reels and, as always, were not disappointed. Linda’s cooking is fantastic and she ensured variety for both rick and myself (catering for my dietary requirements). As well as this, We visited a couple of local restaurants, where the service was friendly and welcoming and it’s safe to say we ate well for the week!

Set in tranquil surroundings, where else could you fish for such a variety of stunning catches whilst seeing for the first time a fire salamander with vivid yellow and black colourings.

This truly is a beautiful place to holiday, and even if your family members do not opt to fish, there is plenty to occupy (including visiting the friendly family donkeys for a groom and a chat).

The week went too quickly and so here we sit now looking at ferry crossings for the next time!!

Thank you once again for some wonderful memories Linda and Glenn.  See you in 326 days!

Nicki and Rick