2024 Availabilty: 6TH APRIL TO 13TH APRIL / 18TH TO 25TH MAY / 1st TO 8TH JUNE / 8TH TO 15TH JUNE / 15TH TO 22ND JUNE

Derek & Maggie Stritton

I haven’t done a great deal of carp fishing this year, to be honest, after the first lock down, with lakes being so busy, I’ve occupied myself with the odd trip, but with much more time spent roach and rudd and anything else that came along fishing on quieter lakes.So it was nice to escape to France recently and visit our friends Linda and Glen at Hirondelle. The weather was very hot, and the fishing slower than we’ve come to expect, but it was great to get a holiday, enjoy the sun and relaxation and catch a few!