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An amazing start to the 2022 Season!
26th March - 09th April 2022

What an amazing Holiday, we arrived earlier in the year than usual and again Etang Hirondelle delivered us some outstanding fish.  The carp are pristine, immaculate, their colours shone and I enjoyed the fight they gave before I was rewarded.  We have had an assortment of weather including a very cold snap which sent the carp to the depths but the Villa was warm and cosy.
The biggest fish I caught was a 51lbs,7ozs Mirror Carp, I also had a 45lbsozs and a few upper 30s.I also had Commons too, again in their 30s.   My Wife Barbara caught and landed a very long Sturgeon, dark in colour and weighing in 32lbs. I also enjoyed catching some good size roach.
The wildlife this time of year is truly amazing, we were greeted most days by a family of deer using the path at the back of the lake or the stag just watching us watching him.  Numerous breeds of birds and the dart of blue across the lake signaling the King Fishers and of course the red Squirrels hurrying along.  All in all a  great holiday, thank you Glen for all your help and Barbara are looking forward to a repeat performance later in the year!  Have a great season!