2024 Availability: 8-15 JUNE & 15-22 JUNE

26th March - 9th April 2022

Imagine sitting by a lake surrounded by trees, bushes and flowers knowing that at any time the sound of your alarm could signal a fish of a lifetime. Imagine seeing deer, stags, wild boar, red squirrels, rabbits and hares, serenaded by a multitude of birds. Imagine at the end of your day sitting on a terrace with a cool glass of wine or a beer, waiting for your evening meal to be delivered. Watching the sun set over a silvery lake. Or perhaps taking a cooling dip in the pool. Imagine retiring to your villa for perhaps an hour of tv before taking a hot shower and then climbing into your comfortable bed to sleep and dream of doing it all again the next day.

This is not imagination, this is reality if you spend your holiday at Lake Hirondelle.

Glen and Linda Miller have made this paradise from sheer hard work and attention to detail.

Having seen the property before they bought it I can honestly say that the transformation is unbelievable. Most clients will not know or understand the incredible amount of work (and money) that they have put into making Lake Hirondelle the best fishing/holiday experience in France.

I can honestly say that having experienced some of the competition; most falls well below the standards that Glen and Linda have set.

This is an ideal venue for couples and without the pressure of the “hard-core bivvy boys” means that in the main the fish are not pressured and when caught are pristine, hard fighting and their colours glow.

As a diversion there are many places to visit and small restaurants to indulge in a French lunch or dinner. The town of Craon is only 10 min. drive away and there are markets most days in the surrounding towns.

If anyone comes away disappointed then I would be most surprised as the whole experience of Lake Hirondelle will leave you feeling recharged and at peace with the world.