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The Cat's out the bag

To all of our guests, we are as surprised as you are!
Back in 2020, taking advantage of covid, our son was back home and while walking around the lake he spotted a huge shadow in the water, he waited and watched for a while and came back to the house and told us what he saw “We have a Catfish in the lake”! he said, “Rubbish” I replied.
We had owned Etang Hirondelle for 6 years and not once had we seen or had any signs of a Catfish in the lake. My son and I then went and got a couple of chairs and took them down to the lake so we could stake out the area of the lake he had seen it in and after 30 minutes or so to my surprise there it was!!
Forward to late August, the beginning of September 2021 our regular guests, Richard Woods & Nicola Abel were enjoying their fishing holiday, Richard had already beaten his personal best catching by a 59lbs Carp So you can imagine his surprise when he and Nicola pull in a 6 1/2foot and weighing in at 104lbs Catfish. Linda & I were as shocked as they were but in the moment rallied around for the photo call, taking the measurements and weights which it took all of us to do being so heavy.
Looking back we thought that it would never appear again, foolish! 3 weeks again it was pulled out by regular guests Andrew and Barbara Brazier, the delight on their faces said it all, another memory had been made to add to the many they have of Etang Hirondelle.
Linda & I felt that it would be wise not to advertise the surprise in our lake as we didn’t want people purposely fishing for the Catfish.
When Nigel from talkSport radio told us he had caught the “Monster Moggy” we knew the cat was out the bag and we could no longer keep our surprise to ourselves.
We still are of the feeling that we want our guests to come to Etang Hirondelle to catch the carp and big sturgeon and if they are lucky enough to hook into the monster moggy, as it has now been named then they are in for a fight. So there you have it, our story of the catfish of Etang Hirondelle, “The Monster Moggy”
Glen Miller