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1st - 15th July

Just back from an amazing 2-week carp fishing at a lake in France.
Glen and Linda (the owners) even included great weather as well as a
well-equipped gite and pool.

Lake Hirondelle is a lovely place to spend a week or two. It is very
picturesque. All the various facilities are at hand when all you want
to do is fish for the beautiful multi strain excellent condition fish.

Not forgetting that whilst I fished for carp this is clearly a mixed fishery.

The tally of fish caught by me was as follows. All in pounds.

1 x 62
4 x 50
10 x 40 (to 49)
20 x 30 (to 39)
22 x 20 (to 29)
The rest from 5 to 20.
A total of 72 carp.
Also, a 32 and 35 sturgeon and 2 x 13 pike.
Total weight 2196 lbs

No fishing was carried out in the hours of darkness. First light to 10.00 pm only. I have waited many years for a 50 lb carp and this holiday produced 4 and a bonus 62! For me and my wife Ann this is where dreams become reality. To be continued same time next year!