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4th - 11th May

The week started slowly due to bad weather; however, fish were caught in between showers, sturgeon @ 35lb & Mirrors to 46lb. Brightening up from Tuesday onwards most fish caught early evening including a beautiful 40lb Common , a further sturgeon@ 30lb & mirrors at the low 40’s mark. Finishing off with another lovely common at around 20lb.

Fabulous weeks fishing at this idyllic location! It was our second time here at Hirondelle & hopefully another visit is on the cards for September!

 All fish caught on ‘popped up snowman’ presentation, the majority of which caught from the right-hand bay. A number also coming from the middle of the lake at 2.5 metres depth.

Thank you, Glenn & Linda, for another truly memorable trip… see you September
Best Regards
John Bradwick