2024 Availability: 8-15 JUNE & 15-22 JUNE

Lake Rules 

We believe wholeheartedly in offering a first-class service to our customers and their families along with Fantastic Fishing and Fabulous Accommodation.  Due to our Fishery Rules being based on common sense with the emphasis on fish care we can continue to keep our customers happy and our fish in tip-top condition. We will do our utmost not to interfere with your fishing holiday but if you fail to comply with our rules, we reserve the right to terminate your holiday with immediate effect. 


Maximum of 2 rods per person & 15lbs minimum breaking strain line. 

Rods must never be left unattended. No braided mainline. No leaders of any kind. No fixed leads. Barbless hooks only (NO long curved shank hooks or Triple hooks). 

Un-hooking Mats/Carp Cradles & Weigh slings are supplied on site and are compulsory.


House Pellet & House Maize are available to pre-order. Our House pellet is specifically designed for feeding carp.

We now offer a selection of boilies which are locally made and can be pre-ordered.

Particles may be used and should be of the ready prepared jars/tins typed & used in moderation. NO nuts of any kind. Bringing any fish to the venue (alive or dead) is banned. 

Fish Care

NO SPINNING. This is a heavily stocked water and the possibility of foul hooking and damaging a Carp whilst spinning is high. 

NO SACKING OF FISH. Fish should be kept out of the water for the minimum amount of time, so please have camera equipment ready before lifting the fish from the water, take your photographs and return the fish to the water as quickly as possible to minimize the stress on the fish. 

Have a bucket of water available to keep the fish wet at all times, Carp cradles/unhooking mats must contain a moderate quantity of water in order to ensure the wellbeing of the fish. Lifting larger carp safely can be tricky. You should keep the carp low to the mat/cradle at all times, DO NOT STAND UP when holding the fish. Never carry a fish between the cradle and water in anything other than a weigh sling. 

In the summer months the unhooking equipment can get hot, wherever possible please keep out of direct sunlight and ensure they are thoroughly soaked before placing fish on them.