LAST MINUTE Availability: 13-20 JULY

The lake

Etang Hirondelle offers an unforgettable holiday for all the family and is an exclusive fishing venue meaning the lake, pool and lakeside villa is yours for the duration of your holiday. At just under 4-acres, the lake is purposely designed to be an all round, well balanced fishing venue suitable for upto 3 anglers. The lake itself has a natural bottom with depths up to 5 metres in places. The swims are comfortable and accommodate 2 anglers on each swim enabling landing, weighing and photographing the fish with ease and causing no stress to the fish. There are two double firm grassy bank swims and the double gravel house swim has been designed to jet out from the bank into the lake itself. The grounds around the lake are well maintained and laid to lawn, with trees and woodland surrounding the lake giving it a character of its own.

The Perfect Diversity

The quality of fish available at Etang Hirondelle is at a very high standard with a fantastic head of Mirror, Common, fully scaled and grass carp up to 60lbs, multiple Carp exceeding 50lbs and not forgetting the Crucian carp. The Sturgeon in the lake weighs between 24lbs to 30lbs with lengths over 2metres long! 

This is complemented by a plethora of coarse fish, roach and perch and the predator fish; pike. A selection of our beautiful fish caught at Etang Hirondelle can be viewed in our photo gallery or on our social media page.